Squoosh JPEG XL support

What is Squoosh?

Squoosh is a product developed by Google. Using Squoosh, you can reduce the size of images in a variety of formats. Using Squoosh, you can compress many pictures at once through an API and a CLI. Images are not sent to the server. All compression is performed locally.

In comparison to jpegxl.io, we offer the ability to convert in bulk and additional conversion options in an elegant user interface. Squoosh provides a user-friendly interface for comparing input and output immediately. Moreover, we use Squoosh for comparisons of quality and jpegxl.io for batch conversions.

Squoosh JXL support

Squoosh.app supports JPEG XL. However, support is still in beta. From our tests, we didn't experience any crashes or uncommon behavior.

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