PicView JPEG XL support

What is PicView?

PicView is a software application for Windows that allows users to view images in a compact and fast manner. In addition to image effects, galleries, image information, and more, PicView provides many additional features. It is also capable of automatically adjusting its display to achieve the best possible viewing experience. Users will find the interface to be intuitive and straightforward. By pressing Alt + Z, PicView's UI can be toggled only to display the image, and the hover buttons and colored window border can be toggled on/off from the settings window. By pressing T, it is possible to change the image's transparency into a checkerboard background, a dark background, or a white background. PicView comprises 26 different shader effects (image filters), which include negative colors, old movie effects, pencil sketches, etc. Each of these effects can be applied to the current image. The option allows you to test the result before committing to it. You may also copy the effects to the clipboard using Ctrl + C or save them directly to your computer. Furthermore, the result will also be applied when setting images as wallpaper or lock screens.

PicView JPEG XL Support

Since the 27th of September 2021, PicView has JXL support. Make sure you have the latest version installed and you will be able to hande JPEG XL images as any other image files.

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