Release in October 2021


It's here! Not like anyone has been waiting for it, but I'm super happy to announce that is live after all the hard work.

Besides the converter, several articles have been released. The goal is to create a small Wiki/Database around the format, tracking software support and providing tutorials. If you find any mistake or want to report an update, the button on the bottom left corner will provide this functionality.

The converter offers you many things! There's a lot of settings you can choose from and like on, it works client-sided. Unfortunately, there is no progress tracking as in since libjxl doesn't provide an API for it, but that's fine since conversion doesn't take long! The converter, in general, is still in the beta phase but has many features for you to benefit from.

Future Plans

We are starting closed source and will become open source after 6-9 months, like You'll then have access to the full functionality, from blog posts to converters.

The following things are planned now:

  • Get Feedback from the community
  • Track Analytics for statistics and Hotjar for UX improvements in the first months
  • Improve the converter performance
  • Write more articles
  • Spread the word and get some backlinks

Reach out for Feedback on the Discord channel or at my Twitter @jschmitz97.

Stay excited for more! ~ Justin

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