JPEG XL - Browser Support Overview


An improved version of JPEG lies within JPEG XL, which is a next-generation format. The JPEG XL format resembles a JPEG but is the successor to the legacy JPEG format. According to the JPEG Committee, it provides significantly better image quality and better compression ratios than legacy JPEG. A significant advantage of this format is that it is free, offers suitable encoding and decoding speeds, and allows for lossless transcoding of JPEGs at small file sizes.

Browser Support

In recent months, browser vendors have been implementing support for JPEG XL in their browsers. The image displayed below this paragraph or by clicking here indicates your browser supports the new image format.

your browser may show this JXL img

Don't worry if you don't see the JPEG XL image! This necessarily does not mean that support is unavailable, only that it may not be enabled by default. If you want to allow support, make sure your browser is up-to-date and follow these guides:

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